LINAKS Microelectronics Limited, one of the leading PCB manufacturer in India, is based at Lucknow (UP), with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and technology. Following are a few of the machineries:


  • Single Spindle Drilling, Routing and Programming Machine - Minima
  • Two Spindle Drilling and Routing Machine - Gemina 2T
  • Three Spindle Drilling Machine - Gemina 3T
  • Four Spindle Drilling Machine - Maxima
  • Four Spindle Micro Drilling Machine - Posalux
  • Two Spindle Pinning and Stacking Machine
  • Four High Speed Manual Drilling Machine
  • Drill Point Resharpening Machine
  • Double Sided Vacuum Exposure Frame - 2.5 KW
  • Double Sided Vacuum Exposure Frame - 3.0 KW
  • Vacuum Screen Exposure with Light Source
  • Auto Cut Sheet Laminator - AL 130
  • Hot Roll Dry Film Laminator
  • Micro Modifier
  • Complete Darkroom
  • Conveyorised Spray Developer
  • Conveyorised Dryfilm Spray Developer with Auto Replenishing Wash Module
  • Diazo Developer
  • Programmable Automatic Conveyorised Inline Etching, Stripping, Tin/Lead Stripping & Black Oxide Line - OCCLEPPO
  • Conveyorised Dry Film Stripper
  • Ammonia Alkaline Etching Line with Auto Replenisher & CLR
  • Conveyorised Acid Etching Line with Online Ink Stripper & CLR
  • Auto Microprocessor Controlled Electroless High Build Plating Line
    Capacity - 60000 sq. mtrs./annum
  • Auto Microprocessor Controlled Galvanic Line for Copper and Tin/Lead
    Capacity - 60000 sq. mtrs./annum
  • Auto Microprocessor Controlled Electroless Low Build Plating Line
    Capacity - 12000 sq. mtrs./annum
  • Auto Microprocessor Controlled Electroless Low Build Plating Line
    Capacity - 12000 sq. mtrs./annum
Surface Preparation
  • Convererised Deburring and Brush Washing Machine
  • Convererised Brush Washing Machine with Reciprocating Spray and Drier
  • Convererised Pumice Slurry Jet Scrubber with Spray and Drying Stations for Inner Layers
Fabrication / Profiling
  • Four Spindle CNC Routing Machine
  • Scoring Machine
  • Two nos. Pin Routing Machines
  • Circular Saw
  • 60 ton Power Press
  • Guillotine/Shearing Machine
MLB Equipment
  • Multilayer Press 150T Two Daylight with Cooling Press
  • Multiline layup and Aligning System
  • X-ray Equipment
Screen Printing
  • Auto Double Head Screen Print with Micrometric Screen Adjustments
  • Semi Auto Screen Printer
  • Pneumatic Screen Stretcher
  • Vacuum Screen Exposure Frame
  • Dry Film Solder Mask Vacuum Applicator
  • Double Sided Exposure Machine with Cooling Station - 5 KW
  • Conveyerised High Speed Lpism Developer
  • Rotary Curing Oven
  • Ultravoilet Curing Oven
  • Precision Screen Frames
  • High Pressure Screen Cleaning Station
  • Squeege Grinder
  • Four Air circulated Curing Ovens
  • Screen Drying Oven
  • Hot Air Leveller with pre and post Cleaning Stations-Electrovert
  • Hot Air Leveller with pre and post Cleaning Stations-TMPL-Levelomatic
  • Infrared Fusing Machine
Quality, Inspection & Lab.
  • Bare Board Tester - 17K Circuitline
  • Bare Board Tester - 32K Circuitline
  • Beta Scatter Microderm
  • Thru Hole Plating Thickness Monitor Caviderm
  • Peel Strength Tester
  • Gel Time Tester
  • Solderability Tester
  • Uv Radio Meter
  • Lighted Inspection Tables
  • Stereo Microscopes
  • Lupes And Eight Veiw Hole Check Gauges
  • Qwik Check Gauges, Verniers & Micrometers
  • Autoprocess Gap Welder With Stereo Zoom Microscopes
  • Complete Wet Analysis Lab
  • Microsectioning Equipment With 1000x Microscope And Light Source
  • Waste Treatment And Monitoring System
  • Electroless Copper Analyser (Digital)